Developing Successful Executives by Improving Leadership Perspectives

We Build Better Business By Building Better Leaders

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Behavior Leverages Profit

We identify the challenges many companies face through human interaction and behavior. We typically see results within the first few sessions.

Our business model produces trusted influential leaders without costing you thousands of dollars on similar programs that fail to provide sustainable results.

Execuspect has brought a wealth of professional leadership development to our team promoting transformational skills to our managers and staff.

Dan Streeter CEO, Rescue Ministries of Mid- Michigan

Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is costly and inefficient. The "one-size-fits-all" model simply will not provide the results desired by most leaders and companies.

We at ExecuSpect provide best-in-class developmental services for your leadership team. We analyze data from each of your team members providing a unique pathway to professional and personal development.

Execuspect's leadership development program has helped me to bridge a gap between my team and me.

Rich King CEO, Stanley Steemer

Dependability with Scientific Results

Nothing on the market today produces comprehensive leadership results like ExecuSpect Leadership Development.

We combine science and practice for the highest level of dependable results.

Execuspect brings a unique perspective to leadership development. His SKAN assessment provided specific steps to improve my effectiveness as a leader.

Dawn Luptowski Agent, Future Insurance Agency

Healthy Mindset Increases Success

Success is found in healthy cohesive teams.

ExecuSpect's proprietary assessments provide you with the BEST opportunity to reach your goals, increase productivity, scale your sales, and attract and retain customers.

The individual focus they placed on my team was so effective.

Becky Miller Administrator, Community Village

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Our firm is laser focused on your company’s results, providing you with exclusive leadership and team development.

Meet our Founder and CEO

Dr. Michael Rhodabarger has developed many successful leaders and teams over the last 25 years. His passion is to help people become the best version of themselves. Dr. Michael earned his Master’s in Counseling and continued his education to earn a Ph.D in Organizational Leadership.

ExecuSpect Leadership Development LLC was founded in 2017 to help bring an improved perspective for businesses and nonprofit organizations. Drawing on his own professional experience and education, Dr. Rhodabarger identifies the needs of each company and their executive leaders and provides sustainable solutions to grow their teams and businesses.

Dr. Rhodabarger has authored three books including two on leadership. He is a dynamic public speaker incorporating humor, inspiration and challenges into his presentations.

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Greater Success with Continued Education

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His presentations are filled with content that is interesting and valuable for leaders and future leaders.

Dawn Luptowski Agent, Future Insurance Agency

Execuspect's Proprietary IPD Sets Them Above The Rest

ExecuSpect Leadership Development provides a solution to the problem of “one-size-fits-all” training that is proven to be so ineffective. Our IPD (Individualized Performance Development) program provides a unique pathway to personal and professional development providing the following:

  • Unified culture within your organization,
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Transforms average workers into solid leaders
  • Decreases training expenses, increases bottom line

Our CEO is the author of two leadership books, both of which provide the foundation to the services our organization provides. If your company places a high priority on team development and leadership improvement, start with our books- The Chameleon Effect and Leadership Equilibrium. Then, reach out to us to learn more about our IPD program that our clients cannot say enough about.

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Leadership Equilibrium and The Chameleon Effect: Counterintuitive Leadership The perfect books for executive group studies.

In reading [The Chameleon Effect], I identified several truths throughout the book that inspired me. The entire book positively impacted me and made so much sense from a leadership perspective. I certainly recommend this to anyone hoping to improve their professional skills.

Dan Streeter CEO, Rescue Ministries of Mid- Michigan

The Chameleon Effect and Leadership Equilibrium are designed with the success of the leader in mind. Both books address vital competencies necessary for organizational effectiveness but also identify characteristics that likely interfere with leadership success. You will find yourself inspired, challenged, and encouraged to pursue a better path to success within the pages of these books.

The Chameleon Effect

Counterintuitive Leadership identifies leadership behaviors that are directly associated with personality traits. The challenge is that those behaviors, which are common among leaders, are unsustainable and ineffective. This book opens the reader’s eyes to the reality that there are leadership practices that are not natural to our human nature but must be developed nonetheless.


Leadership Equilibrium

This is built around one single question: Does the Bible address organizational success? The answer is “Yes, it does.” We have spoken with many leaders whose desire is to lead with ethical principles and a clear conscience. The concepts in Leadership Equilibrium will guide you to success by identifying principles supported by The Bible.