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ExecuSpect was born out of a belief that better leaders create better business and better buisness creates better communities. Better communties are always good for business. Think about it, what if you could improve your community by improving your leadership skills? Execuspect believes this is the answer to a struggling economy and declining communities. Our goal is to improve the overall economy of a community, one business owner at a time. Our mission is "Developing Successful Executives by Improving Leadership Perspectives."  We accomplish this by teaching, coaching, and developing  ethics, integrity, and skills. We believe that success is in the hands of the CEO.  Our goal is to help CEO's, executives, and leaders at every level begin to see and develop the leadership skills that promote business success.

About our CEO


Dr. Michael Rhodabarger is founder and consultant of ExecuSpect Business Consulting. His passion for leadership started in 1995 where he was first invited to provide training for a specific project at the plant where he was employed. Since then, he has worked for several companies in management and corporate training positions. He holds a PhD in organizational leadership and has developed a leadership assessment instrument that measures individual leadership competencies that can and should be developed if business and leader are to succeed.


Michael Rhodabarger holds a PhD in Business Development and Leadership. Raised in a pastor's home, Mike was taught the importance of integrity, honesty, and ethics. He spent his 20's working in industry where he caught the eye of management and was promoted to supervisor in two different companies. Later he studied for the ministry and eventually became the lead pastor of three dying churches which ultimately grew into strong churches under his leadership. During this time Mike continued his education, earning a Master's degree and a PhD. He has written two books, one of which is the product of his dissertation which has proven to be a valuable tool to businesses from Cleveland to Kansas. Today, he owns and operates ExecuSpect Business Consulting where he is helping businesses reach greater success.




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