A leadership development firm dedicated to helping businesses succeed through individualized performance development
         A leadership development firm dedicated  to helping businesses succeed throughindividualized performance development                          

What is SKAN?

SKAN is a representative leadership development process containing a comprehensive collection of assessments, analytics, and action steps developed by Dr. Rhodabarger. This instrument informs and promotes team development, succession planning, and competency modeling.

Why is SKAN Important?

  • Connects newly developed individual leadership practices back to the organization’s strategic business plan
  • IPD: Individualized Performance Development vs. One-Size-Fits-All training
  • Identifies changes needed in human behavior for improved performance
  • Decreases employee turnover while increasing employee productivity
  • Comprehensive coaching recommendations for key aspects of leadership performance

Imagine never having to spend money on employee turnover again.


Create a powerful team in a highly successful environment with SKAN.

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