A leadership development firm dedicated to helping businesses succeed through individualized performance development
         A leadership development firm dedicated  to helping businesses succeed throughindividualized performance development                          

What our clients say about us

"Excellent knowledge of my leadership needs. ExecuSpect has helped me become more decisive as well as helped me to improve my communication skills. We are very satisfied with the work Execuspect has provided for our organization"

Craig- Director of Operations


“ExecuSpect brought high quality leadership development to Community Village. Dr. Mike verified the thoughts/feelings I was having about my new position. He encouraged me to step up and have ‘those difficult conversations’. I was encouraged to hear that once I make a decision I need to own it. If it turns out to be a ‘failure’,  learn from it.”

“It was great to have an unbiased and ‘safe’ person to discuss difficult situations with. It gave me the confidence to do what needed to be done. Dr. Mike possesses a high level of knowledge in regard to my leadership needs. I am a much improved leader having worked with ExecuSpect.”


Becky- Administrator, Community Village Assisted Living

"Mike has an amazing product for leadership development. Everyone needs to know about his method for developing personal and professional skills. He helped me understand the areas in my professional career where I needed to improve and I look forward to working with ExecuSpect more in the future."


Neena- Founder, Fearless Networking

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